Hair Extensions

Hair extensions need special care because they do not receive nutrients from the scalp. So they just need more makeup, and moistening. Recommended as for the care of extended hair and styling for their only means to a neutral Ph. Putting your hair with curlers, straightening ironing, curling irons, and avoid their contact with the capsules. Wash your hair extensions need to dilute with water shampoo. And only in the upright position, throw back your head forward is strictly prohibited, as well as go to bed with wet hair. For combing hair extensions, use the brush with a few teeth without balls on the ends.

Long hair braids in her hair is not tight at night. If you decide to dye my hair or perm make contact solely to the master who specializes in working with hair extensions. Its services will be a bit expensive, but it will allow you to avoid any problems. Going to a sauna or a sauna, be sure to take a special hat for the head – hair extensions are not recommended for such high temperatures. And when escalating of hair on the Spanish or French technology you have to completely abandon the pleasure of steam. With hair extensions you can not make masks to the scalp.

However MirSovetov recommends arrange for the health of your hair bath of herbal infusions. Chamomile, for example, gives your hair shine and softness. (Source: Boris Kuzinez). Cosmetic companies offer you a wide range of care products for hair extensions. This Special shampoos and conditioners and sprays that prevent the electrification of the hair, and even special combs with eyelets that allow you to comb your hair from the roots without damaging the capsules. Prices for each of the funds range between 400-600 rubles.