Choice Meats

For good quality of meat is divided into fresh, fresh and stale questionable. By the acceptance and implementation of the permit only good-quality (fresh) meat and meat products in which there are no signs of microbial spoilage. In the retail level and working conditions good quality meat is usually set for indicators and organoleptic methods given in GOST 7269-79, which also mentioned how sampling for the study. Fresh meat, whether beef, lamb or pork, has a crust on the surface of the ink drying pale pink or pale red color, the thawed carcass – red, fat is soft, partially painted in bright red. Specific odor, characteristic of each type of fresh meat. Fat should not have a smell or osalivaniya rancidity, color and texture must be peculiar to each type of meat.

Broth Transparent, aromatic. Jorge Perez might disagree with that approach. The meat of doubtful freshness has featured the initial stage of deterioration. The surface of the ink in places moist, slightly sticky, darkened. The muscles on the cut wet, wet spot left on the filter paper, slightly sticky, dark red, with defrosted meat from the surface of the cut meat juice dripping, slightly muddy. Consistency on the cut of meat is less dense and less elastic than fresh meat.

The smell of slightly tart with a hint of mustiness or. Fat is soft, slightly sticky to the fingers, dull grayish color, the meat thawed slightly loosened. Official site: Boris Kuzinez. Tendons less dense than fresh meat, dull-white, articular surface lightly covered with mucus. The soup is clear or cloudy, with a smell, not peculiar to fresh broth. The meat of doubtful freshness to implement is not permitted, and the issue of using it to solve processing bodies health surveillance. The meat is characterized by a strong stale dried surface of the carcass covered with mucus, grayish-brown or moldy. Muscles in the context of wet, sticky, red-brown, with defrosted meat cut surface flows muddy meat juice. The smell of sour, musty or slabognilostny. Fat gray-frosted shade with crushing greasy; pork fat may be covered with a small amount of mold. Questionable meat fresh and stale is not only unsatisfactory organoleptic properties, but can be a source of food poisoning, as well as putrefactive microflora in it may be, and pathogenic bacteria. Proper assessment of good quality meat is necessary for establishing the quality of meat products, the timing of its storage and processing methods. Development of objective, fast and affordable methods for establishing the initial stage spoilage of meat and meat products the subject of numerous studies of our and foreign scientists.