Average Education

In Basic Ensino the identified difficulties more: delay in the acquisition of the abilities of the reading and the writing. Decifratria silbica reading. Level of reading below of waited for its series and age, spelling of words, suppression of letters (horse caalo), repetition of words and syllables, partial inversions or total of syllables or words, incorrect spalling (the boy plays ball omeninojo gabola), to plan, to organize and to obtain to finish the tasks inside it time, difficulty with enunciated of mathematical problems and geometric figures, difficulties with elaboration of written texts expression through the writing, difficulty of understanding of jokes, sayings and slangs. No longer Average Education the identified difficulties more: they can have difficulty in learning other languages, vagarosa reading and with many errors, permanence of the difficulty in spelling more complex words, difficulty in planning and making writings, difficulty stops to reproduce histories, difficulty in the memory abilities, difficulty to understand concepts abstract, difficulty to give to attention in details or, in contrast, attention exaggerated the small details, empobrecido vocabulary, creation of subterfuges to hide its Estill difficulty (2005) salient that she is necessary to have a special attention with the children who like to talk, are curious, understand and speak well, but they make look like disinterest in reading and writing. For more information see Albert Einstein College of Medicine . According to it, it would be interesting, in the case of reading children, to offer one same mathematical problem, verbal writing and, and to compare the answers, therefore, frequently we find different, correct answers in incorrect the verbal question and in the same written question. That is, the same child who seems not to know to decide a mathematical problem in writing, will be able to have a surprising performance when the same problem is presented to it verbally. This exemplifica situation as we can confuse the signals – the difficulty is not in learning of the mathematics, but in the reading. .