Amount Development

The use of information determines effective learning, so it is necessary that the same is managed form such that ensure the efficient use of it. Information continues occupying a leadership role in today’s society. There are countless benefits that it contributes to social development and manifests itself among other things, by the development of new technologies of information and communication it is important to reflect on today’s conditions in a globalized and unequal world where it is necessary to ensure the development of information for the sake of achieving benefits in favour of all humanity. Nobody today denies that the information is a means of facilitating learning, but its scope depends on its management and the role that is granted in the development process, since this constitutes a fundamental role in society. The future development depends not only on having greater amount of energy resources, minerals, or financial, but information and sufficient technologies, favoring both individually and collectively to primordial aspects such as: education, training and the increase in the level of knowledge and the ability to acquire them. Institutions such as organizations that are shaping the ever-changing universe, must have the necessary, adequate and timely information as well as your Exchange to constantly raise the effectiveness of the system.

DEVELOPMENT information represents a determinant role in humanity, their development depends largely on the cultural and educational level that exists. Has been appreciated significant changes regarding the use of the information, the need to properly combine the amount and quality of information, the requirement for the effectiveness of services, multiple alternatives and points of view to structuring the information demand informative, as well as various criteria for the interpretation of the significance of information. Faces a new mode of information, a transit towards a global informational economy and certain societies to exist, calling this phenomenon information societies. Its origins are based on economic development and technological change.