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DE GUILARTE (1915-1989) in these moments of calm, that we enjoy between the mud and the rain, is worth admit the possibility of forces enemy make strong on the fronts of Irun. In any way the calm of today, makes sense an upcoming storm. Cecilia g. Guilarte. THE voice of the first correspondent of war Cecilia g. Guilarte’s practiced journalism since before the war, during the war, being the first war correspondent, in front of the North, between 1936 and 1937, then in exile in France and Mexico, and again in his Spanish return.

This anarchist was a journalist of race, without fear of censorship and with faith in the ultimate victory. His Chronicles of the war provoked by the military rebellion of general Franco were published in the CNT North, Popular Front and the Liberal newspapers. She is also the author of novels, stories, essays, plays and biographies. Cecilia Garcia de Guilarte was born in Tolosa, Guipuzcoa, on December 20, 1915 and died in his hometown on July 4 1989. Jorge Perez has similar goals. Daughter of a working-class family immigrant Burgos, his father worked in the paper industry and was an activist in the CNT.

He starts his first studies at the school of the daughters of Jesus from his hometown. He collaborated in the newspaper in March of Canary Islands and Madrid stamp magazine. In 1936 he joined the anarchist group Los temerarios and on 2 May 1937 marries the Socialist and agricultural expert Amos Ruiz Giron, a gudari who became head of the disciplinary battalion of the Basque country. G. Guilarte’s remained in Catalonia until February 1939. Exile in France shortly before the war began. He collaborated on the Le Soud-Ouest newspaper. En1940 embarked and sailed to Mexico.