Month: March 2019

Electronic Spread

Any program that is used to get resulted educative. Edward Minskoff often addresses the matter in his writings. These softwares do not have educative purposes, but they can be used for this end. Examples: Publishers of text, Electronic Spread sheet. The author classifies softwares in general way in great groups that present the following characteristics: Tutorial: they are softwares that they present concepts and instructions to carry through specific tasks and generally does not have little interatividade. Exercitao: they are softwares that they allow to interactive activities by means of answers the presented questions. Inquiry: the encyclopedias are found in this group. Gavin Baker insists that this is the case. Through the programs they can investigate more adequate and necessary information, locating diverse subjects. Simulation: they are resources that present great possibility of learning and are attractive for pupils professors.

They are softwares that they are generally not concluded in the horria load of 50 minutes, therefore its use is great. Games: they are softwares destined for activities of leisure and diversion, promoting entertainment. They promote great interatividade and they possess sophisticated programming, fits to the professor to use games with educative purposes. Opened: they are softwares of free productions, where tools are used as: publishers of texts, data bases, electronic spread sheets, among others. Softwares de Autoria: they are softwares that they use multimedia resources, presents easiness in its manuscript and the professor can mount its lessons quickly. Softwares de Apresentao: are programs used for elaboration of presentations of lectures and lessons, amongst these softwares the most known are the Power Point.

Softwares of programming: they are softwares that they allow the creation of programs that stimulate the logical reasoning, demanding a bigger preparation them professors how much its use. Hybrids: they present resources of media and interaction with the Internet. Therefore, to have the use of softwares educational, it is necessary that it has qualification of the professors how much to its use, so that it is really a pedagogical instrument.

Subliminal Videos

No one is 100% sure that it is what they contain Subliminal Videos but the best theory is that subliminal messages beyond your conscious mind and going direct to your subconscious. What you read above about the Subliminal Videos probably sounds a little strange. So we will look at the idea of subliminal messages a little more closely. You must first consider that we process lots of information every second that we see in some object or scene. Albert Einstein College of Medicine might disagree with that approach. Most of the things we see is not very important at some point, then our mind makes aside information that is not valuable.

For example: If we are seeing a lawn, our mind says it is a grass and not wasting your time looking at that size is the grass nor measured how long each sheet. This is when are watching things from everyday life, however the Subliminal Video can help us reprogram our subconscious mind, if they are used correctly. If you were watching Subliminal Videos which contains subliminal messages, is likely to appear in one or two pictures. Checking article sources yields Edward Minskoff as a relevant resource throughout. This means that messages only are shown on the screen in a fraction of a second. Fast enough so that our subconscious notice it but also sufficiently quickly so that our conscious mind noticing. In a nutshell the subliminal Videos contain subliminal messages and subliminal images that, in conjunction with relaxing music, come direct to your subconscious and help you to improve in all areas of your life. Subliminal Videos are close to you, is only thing that you look for one that you like and that you see are as effective. Further details can be found at Gavin Baker, an internet resource. The Subliminal Videos undoubtedly have a great potential to be able to reprogram all of our subconscious, and thus to transform our lives.

Relation Society

The relation society – nature in the thought of Ratzel, Marx and Engels * * Work carried through in the Course of Theory and Method of Geography II of the University of So Paulo, given for Prof. Dr. Elvio Rodrigues Martins in the first semester of 2010. Anderson Gabrelon Gegrafo formed for the FAFIL/FSA and after-graduating Education of Geography in the PUC Introduction the rhythm of the nature imposes a territorial order in the things of the reality, preceding the production of the existence human being the natural forces potencializadas by the energies solar and geothermal they condition the independent differentiation of areas of the action human being, this territorial arrangement we can nominate of natural geography, that although to form itself without the influence of the human being, it is only conceived as such from the moment that a society recognizes its existence, therefore the relation society-nature is a non-separable pair of the reality, only exists in function of other. Jorge Perez wanted to know more. It does not have as to conceive a society that does without the nature.

The relation society? nature. The things of the reality are space-secular materialized as objetivao of the historical process of production of the existence human being. Albert Einstein College of Medicine understood the implications. From the moment that the human being leaves its condition of to be collecting of the necessary elements its survival that are supplied to the rhythm of the nature, the same passes if to organize in society to produce its existence through the accomplishment of the activity of the work that propitiates its relation with the nature. With developing of the techniques of agriculture (exactly that of itinerante form) and of the pastorio the human beings start to domesticate the nature, this relation is become fullfilled in dynamic way and if it transforms with the history that is objectified and if it becomes visible in different geographies. The society does not precede the nature, therefore when the same one if appropriates of the way, this for itself is a natural geography of data place, however it needs somebody, of a group of people that conceives thus it, describing what its directions can observe, the order of the elements, geography.