Month: November 2018

Alternative Policies

The basic income is not a measure social but economic. It covers the minimum expenses of individuals. He is valued with regard to the threshold of poverty, to be applied in a currency zone. In the zone euro would amount to 421 euros per month. It is for all people.

It is not in exchange for doing jobs or compulsory courses. (Source: Edward Minskoff). It is personal, not family. It is proposed as a right, not as a social assistance. Being a measured economic form part of the structure of economic development, therefore to be understood as a restructuring of capitalism, which happens within the evolution of the same and the basic income comes to be a measure of the economy adapt to new changes of reality, such as technological progress and globalization. Currently work function has ceased to be a means to meet the needs of a society and it has become a priority purpose of the economic policies of the developed countries, creating a series of needs for the achievement of that purpose, maintain and create employment. A.

turn many measures necessary to achieve sustainable development and from the environmental point of view are braking before the need not to increase unemployment. Employment has ceased to be an absolute reality of the economy and becomes a relative function, for which it is necessary to reorder the economic criteria from the science of economics. This adaptation process is who studies alternative theory. A situation where job creation is an end that justifies the means, makes that continue in this line can bring into play the democratic model of society in which we live face to sustainable development and the circumstance of globalization in which we are immersed. They are not the media that develop various economic policies for this purpose, what we put in question, from our alternative theory, but the same end, employment.


The evolution and progress of society have made the agriculture, livestock, fishing are no longer the center of the economy. In societies industrially advanced the proportion of wealth that is derived from the primary sector is minimal. Well, now is the essential factor in all societies. We cannot stay without computers, without automobiles, without appliances, no TVs, no journals of the heart, no airports. We will lose comforts but we will continue to survive. If there is no food we die with all the luxuries, with the perfect operation of the bag.

We would have all the comforts and luxuries of the world, but discharge. Modifications that have suffered from agriculture and animal production makes us rethink the foundations of capitalism, from which are derived the current measures Liberals in some cases and protectionist, in others, within a market economy. The transformations of the rural world come from scientific knowledge and its applications techniques. The political and economic measures are always left behind in this regard. Take the initiative in this field, to balance the material basis of production with the institutional measures, will make that you impact on the rest of society. The peasant world has gone from being the majority to become a minority population and increasingly in higher recoil. Which has happened since the industrial revolution, especially during the last century.

In the last thirty years it has intensified further. It has meant a drastic change in the history of mankind. The classical analysis of the economy had as a priority the need to supply food for the population. The problem was the production. The changes have been such that what worries today is distribute what is produced in large quantities and avoid overproduction. The productivity becomes problem and at a cost, not scarcity, but due to excess. Manage this so that society can feel more liberated without poverty or needs, because there is a real basis for the lack of means for survival, as if it was yesteryear.

Coasts Impacts

Catastrophic storms like Hurricane Katrina, as well as general concerns about global climate change, have increased the knowledge of the impacts of coastal erosion. Retreat of the coasts have not only ecological impacts but economic ones. Identification also known as retreat of the coast, coastal erosion is a little understood phenomenon in which climate changes and the result of human activities influence the loss of coasts. Effects the economic studies suggest that the impact of erosion affects several economic sectors, including agriculture, fisheries, navigation and maritime transport and tourism / recreation. Geography a study on the impact of erosion in the Philippines showed that the communities that depend on fishing for their livelihood were particularly affected by erosion. Size in the U.S. a study of erosion in Louisiana estimated that the State of the Gulf Coast has lost an average of 40 square kilometers to the year due to erosion since the 1950s.

Important erosion in Louisiana and the U.S. Gulf Coast may adversely affect the country’s economy due to the concentration of oil refineries and energy production in that region. Experts estimated that even a break of one week three in the supply of petroleum due to coastal erosion could cost the economy countries many jobs and many million less in revenue.

Honorary Consultant

An ETF is a fund that is traded on the stock exchange. ETF in this case stands for Exchange-traded fund. Mutual funds are usually actively managed and therefore high cost costs, which the investor has to pay. Contrast an ETF, he is an investment fund, which is managed passively and on through the stock exchange and sold. (Similarly see: Albert Einstein College of Medicine ). That makes it a very affordable investment. Nir Barzilai, M.D. understood the implications. It eliminates the costs of the Fund Manager, the subscription fee for the Fund and the costs of a restructuring, that is, changing from one fund to another. Such transactions do not take place in an exchange-traded fund.

The shares of an ETF as with any mutual fund deemed to fund that is kept separate from the actual assets of the issuer of the Fund Publisher. Unlike with active management created money but not on the basis of the opinion of the Fund management is invested, but linked to a financial index. Exchange-traded funds are for a wide range of asset classes most Established market. Thus, some ETFs refer to stocks and bonds, others on the money market, still others on currencies, commodities and real estate. The underlying index can be varied. Some of the ETFs based on indices, which spread over the entire market as for example the STOX Europe 50, others focus on sector indices. Other indices take regional guidelines as basis such as for example the emerging markets, still others are aligned with strategy indices.

Orientation to different indices makes a pretty clear asset class ETFs, because the index is objectively comprehensible and is not dependent on the knowledge of the market and the skills of individual managers. Only a proportion of the ETF is subject to price fluctuations of the market, but this is exactly the same way in any other Fund. In addition the equity risk or credit risk in the case of a bond according to the asset class. But it is particularly important that for providing ETF no commissions, not once (subscription fee) still ongoing (annual Inventory commissions), be paid. Thus, they are relatively uninteresting for the brokers of insurance or for the consultants in the banks because they are usually only on Commission-driven products. Thus an ETF is excellent for a fee consultation! And right there to use abundant also by bona fide honorary consultants in the interests of the customers.

The Notary

The same applies to a forest purchase price below EUR 2.556. 2. Albert Einstein College of Medicine follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. notary costs when purchasing forest is a forest real estate, purchase a forest according to a real estate purchase. The signature of the contract must be imperative therefore BGB before a notary. See Edward J. Minskoff Equities for more details and insights. Notary costs when purchasing forest about 1.5 percent of the purchase price. Forest buyer must bear the notary costs, if not the Division of notary costs between seller and buyer agreed when purchasing forest. The notary required advance following information why you necessarily previously must sit some time with the purchase of a forest with him in connection to the preparation of forest contract: addresses and dates of birth of the seller’s and buyer’s name of the municipal area, corridor and parcel number of the forest plot size in square metres price per square meter and forest purchase total information on rental or lease conditions information about the mode of payment of the purchase price.

Up to the notary on the purchase of forest, the notary will check the land registry information. This, he explains, if the seller of actual forest owner is and whether it is unencumbered by mortgaging. To keep as low as possible notarial costs and real estate transfer tax when purchasing forest, forest seller and buyer agreed in the past sometimes, in the official contract a lower sum instead of the real forest purchase price to employ. This is punishable by law. There is also the danger that you get at a big difference of the notarial purchase price to the traffic value problems with the IRS. 3. a Verwaltungsgebuhrvon is when purchasing forest at the competent municipality other administration costs when purchasing forest for certificate issuing on non-exercise or the non-existence of a right of first refusal right approximately 25 euro. II. annual costs are the non-recurring costs when purchasing forest after forest purchase amounting to its relatively fixed by about five percent or six point five percent.

Rose Room

I have 12 still more minute-already were 6,48 of the morning. It waited a little, it sharpened the ears and it did not perceive no type of movement, in the ample apartment of covering. Finally it was arisen, directed it the bath room. Made beard, bath taken with the water in the temperature that pleased it finally cold and came back to its room, for signal guest room, without before trying the situation of the door of the closed room of couple -. It has one month more than that it slept in the guest room. After to consult the email certifyd already they were not part of the context. Providencialmente the plastic boxes were all identified, with its contents. The arrival of the secretary, was noticed smells for it involving of the coffee.

A fast colloquy and all determined one. Computers, printers, device of fax, telephone exchange, furniture, closets and everything what it was more there, would start to be of ownership of the secretary. One form of compensation per the 21 years of dedicated services. The sales of the office had been carried through, were alone to wait the real estate one to deliver the keys. In the car the boxes with documents.

It was directed the concessionaire for the last steps, in the direction to acquire one another vehicle. Carried through negotiation the term. Safe pay the sight. Emplacado car and documentation in accordance with the requirements. The old car that way also is as mode of payment. It consulted the clock and already it was hour of if directing to the bank. It telephones in the previous day to the manager requesting that the treasure-house provided the volume of money that it needed. With a interrogation air the manager did not understand of why of this attitude.

Capella Gifts

Magical world of Christmas gifts with surprises for young and old in the GALLERIA passage Hamburg at the first advent Saturday opened the magical world of Christmas gifts”in the GALLERIA shopping mall in Hamburg’s finest location of their doors. Edward J. Minskoff Equities has plenty of information regarding this issue. In festive garb, the GALLERIA gave visitors a varied programme and winter moments of enjoyment on the fleet terrace on the waterfront. Exclusive shops invite you to the gift shopping and restaurants to relax. All shops and restaurants in the large gifts Christmas showcase will present what dreams come true is the GALLERIA. The GALLERIA where the angels celebrate Christmas at all four Adventssamstagen are in the GALLERIA heavenly visitors to guest. “With Christmas A Capella singing and other surprises in the plumage” Angel sweeten the Holiday advent season the visitors. To shorten the wait for Santa Claus, Angels for big and small have an attention – by heavenly treats up to the exclusive GALLERIA shopping bag.

Gift dreams come true with the Christmas sweepstakes who’s coming to Christmas shopping Saturdays in the Mall, has the chance to win attractive GALLERIA vouchers worth a total of more than 8,000 euros for the Christmas raffle. “Since the angels no long feathers read” make, the vouchers will be handed out immediately. So the winner can their wishes in the shops and restaurants of the GALLERIA immediately come true can be a really heavenly pleasure. Winter pleasure moments on the terrace of the fleet a feast for all senses the idyllic fleet terrace is the GALLERIA. Invite four heated Christmas tents with comfortable lounge to the relaxing break from the Christmas shopping before winter scenery on the bleach fleet.

“” The lounge bar Betty juice “and the top restaurant Petit Delice” offer a wide range of drinks and small dishes for the great enjoyment. Relaxed parking & shopping in Hamburg’s finest location on the Adventssamstagen has the GALLERIA passage in time from 10 to 20 h Open on weekdays until 19: 00. Passionate late shoppers can get the last gifts on Christmas Eve in the GALLERIA until 14: 00. Ample car parking is provided with car parks district and bleaching kunsthof passage in the vicinity.

Course Values

ETHICS PROPOSAL. As has been frequently expressed, is not alien to our reality talk about ethics and ethics within our profession. Under this content, ethics as a branch of ethics, it is inevitable their object of study of moral duty, rules or theory or science of the duties applicable to any profession and ours is not as half or so away when applied in strict compliance with the ethics in the professional field of the lawyer. Additional information is available at Nir Barzilai, M.D.. Therefore, ethical and legal professionally, what is sought in an irreversible way, is that the minimum component duties as are required of professionals in the course of their work, so it is based on principles and rules of ethics and moral . In our case we find that these principles, theories, or duties are crimp in the exercise of legal education. In other words, ethics 5 requires, then our teachers and students so acting responsibly, honestly, according to the fundamental values. Therefore, it should be emphasized that no true teaching methodology will result, if she is not solidly grounded in universal human values, honesty and responsibility, seriousness and tenacity at work and consistent effort towards our training in life truth in words, justice and equity, solidarity and cooperation. more details and insights. In short, the moral integrity of human beings, is the elected essential to the success of any teaching methods you want to implement. Much so that based on universal human values, we believe that should be promoted participatory classes, or to be carried every student of law, to be better able to solve practical problems will arise in their professional lives.

Revitalization Moves Forward

On December 2, 2010, the Bavarian House construction started BERLIN with the extensive construction and revitalization measures for BIKINI. The construction progress at the building ensemble is clearly visible. The four stairways and elevators and further additions in the rear area of the home of bikini are already worn off. The opening of the total area is planned for the end of 2012. Edward J. Minskoff Equities often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The under monument protection related complex, consisting of large high-rise, the cinema Zoo Palace, Bikinihaus, the small building and a parking garage, was purchased in 2002 by the Bavarian House construction and integrated into the portfolio of about 200 real estate. Solutions were developed in close coordination with the Office, which are up to date, while preserving the authenticity of the area. The construction progress at the building ensemble is clearly visible: end of 2010 the blue ball (Germany’s first 3D cinema and former television Studio by Sabine Christiansen) was dismantled. The blue ball went as a donation to the Babelsberg film Park and there will be new in the summer of 2011 as interactive cinema opened.

The attachments between the blue ball and the small building were demolished already. The small high-rise is according to the original condition free- and its massive concrete columns are visible again. The demolition work on the parking garage have 2011 also started in the first quarter. In the coming weeks, the new theaters are left denkmalge-next to the protected Zoo Palace demolished. The think time fair conversion begins parallel inside the Zoo Palace. Here, in particular the building and projection will be renewed and the not bauzeitliche material removed. The four stairways and elevators and other additions in the ruckwarti-area of the home of bikini are already worn off. In the Bikinihaus, the monument just inside gutting started mid March 2011. Offices on the upper floors and innovative shop concepts on the ground floor, as well as in the first and second floors are created here.

Trust Is Good, Vote Is Better

Real estate online easily assess each situation is different. Some involve important or quick decisions. Depending on the personal life situation, it can be useful to know the current value of assets. If there is a property in the game such as divorce, estate planning, purchase, or sale intention, you should know how much house, apartment or land is worth today.

Determine needs however should first assess whether a real estate opinion created by the expert is required for the needs. Finally a more cost – and time is needed for this purpose. A template of the real estate valuation in court is not to be expected, must not necessarily be charged with determining value a real estate appraiser. Sales price without warranty self a real estate value determined by the experts will not necessarily reflect the amount which can be achieved for subsequent sale. An expert will take over the guarantee hardly for it, that the is it calculated value tomorrow on the market to realize.

Mathematics for one is a mathematical procedure of calculating the value of a real estate. This can be influenced by the professional of the Verifier Measurig scope finally. Why deviate occasionally several reviews same real estate, created by various experts in the value of each other. And on the other hand, dominated the rate paid in the sale of real estate by the skill and the sustainability of the sales efforts. Advisor who informed about the topic of real estate value, takes Advisor in form of books as well as valuable tips and tricks in the Internet, which should allow even the layman to assess a property for their own purposes. However, evaluating a property for the layman is not quite as easy as often depicted. In particular, dealing with the area of expertise requires a considerable amount of time. Formulas, values, tables, columns of numbers, and a lot more must be determined and shaped. Not science even if the assessment of House or an apartment is no secret science, to become the experts for real estate valuation in self-study from overnight. However, it is possible, even without expert advice, to reach a site accurate and current reference value of real estate consumers. Cheap service providers have recognized competent service providers the need has long been on fast and affordable real estate valuation. Services for the valuation of residential real estate over the Internet have established themselves in the real estate market. Self-service is available allowing the real estate owner or purchaser in the form of a self-service, online in a questionnaire to enter information on his real estate. For a small fee, this object information be combined with the exact location land value, the construction costs down and surcharges for age and condition. Sofortbewertung of the customer know immediately how much house, apartment or land is worth. He receives an individual online valuation of his property on his computer. These Real estate valuation can be stored by the user, printed, or redirected via E-Mail. The rate of real estate is not complex science. The user decides who he charged with evaluating. Increasingly, he assessed his property itself, with the support of a competent partner, via the Internet.