Month: July 2015

International School

I just stumbled on the Internet at a small article about isif (International School of Investments and Finance), which is written in the negative and rude manner. Published the same article, comments like those who once tried to build a business of this company, but since nothing happened rendered its verdict: ISIF-scam, a pyramid! When a person is something not understand, he is afraid, and this fear makes it negative. I do not want someone in something, some way, I want to present to you my opinion about the company isif. I isif company since its foundation, ie, from October 2008. I am interested in the topic of finance, investment and mlm business. So I found two interesting possibilities for themselves in the same company – to know about money and investment all while building your mlm business. In addition to all I like the fact that it is possible to do without leaving home. . At that time I found it difficult to invest in training and business development (I'm one mother of two children, one is the family and even $ 100 – for me it's money).

Besides, I was just beginning to learn computer, but these obstacles did not stop me. What do I mean now? I can competently run their household budget (I used to thought that I can do it, it was not). I know how to efficiently manage your money, how to live without debt and consumer loans. I know where to invest money and how (and not only know, but do it). I am confident myself, I learned to communicate freely with people (or even just with strangers). I'm developing my online business, and though I have not yet reached those results, which aim to, but I know that they will be! My business is not standing still, and I always I feel the support of the company. That for me isif? It is not only training courses and vebinary, trainings and master classes. This is my partner, with whom I am interested to communicate.

This is my partner, parent-teacher, who is always ready listen, give necessary advice and help. That and my leaders, successful people, affecting their ambition and enthusiasm, leaders, which have not ashamed to go. isif for me – is not only a direct route to achieve this and my style life. I am part of this company! I write these lines without fanaticism – it's just my honest opinion. ps September 6, 2010 International School of Investments and Finance received a certificate of a member of the European Council for Business Education. So what is isif – scam or a pyramid and a prosperous mlm company with a mission – raising the level of freedom and human welfare through education and a fruitful dialogue?

Education Center

Also for international career paths, it is useful, because the modules in the foreign country facilitate the recognition of the German accounts. The federal policy wants to merge the currently separate training of health, children and elderly in the next few years to a generalist nursing education. In this development we want to be from the outset, to make with”, said Hajj. The elderly offers a resilent jobs and a number of development opportunities, also in the direction of studies. And also the earnings are better than their reputation: as a geriatric care trainee in the welfare work earns 860 euros, in the first year of training in the second 929 euros and the third 1,055 Euro surcharge and special payments still happen. So are the fees above what has determined the economic and sociological Institute (WSI) of the Hans-Bockler-Foundation in a study for other industries (Note: here each 3rd training year is compared): trainees in the Retail 857 euro, in the hotel and catering industry earn therefore 633 euros and in the automotive trades 831 euros. Even the trainees in the banking industry and the metal and electrical industry with 1,000 euros or 1.004 euro less than get the elderly trainees in their third year of training. There is more information for those interested at 0711/61926-142 or on the homepage of the Foundation at. There is more information for editors in addition to the education centre of the welfare work in Stuttgart following educational institutions for the training to the / r geriatric nurses: vocational school for elderly care (carrier: indivisible Institute for social professions) Catholic vocational school for elderly care and care for the elderly care Stuttgart (carrier: Institute for social professions Stuttgart gGmbH) vocational school for elderly care and care for the elderly care (carrier: equity operating Live & live the State capital Stuttgart) vocational school for elderly care (carrier: bfw occupational training work) in addition, the Robert-Bosch hospital Education Center offers on a model inclusive nursing education.

Parents Educators

Welcome to Robby BBs world. With her new book and learning guide, Fiona wants to browse there parents and educators provide easily to bring closer to the English language children for parents who wish to allow their children a better start in life, and for educators who want to promote the natural inclination of treasure – and kindergarten children, has English coach Fiona Stober her book welcome to Robby BBs world written. The newly released learning guide gives parents and educators a simple language learning methodology, as they can bring children from the second year of life English in a fun way. Robby, a hand puppet is in the Center. With a funny looking hand-puppet, whose Mund should be moveable, learning and practicing falls children much easier”, explains the native English. The puppet that gets a life of its own and becomes the playmates of the children. And this is important, because children otherwise quickly refusing in practice, so that the parents give up.

With fun learning, sustainable success, however, is to achieve. Thereby, it is irrelevant what kind of hand-puppet is used. To practice entertaining exercises with Robby, is easy for the children. Robby not only ensures the identification with the English language? Together is sung, played, laughed and messing. Fiona BBs Stober book contains about a variety of English nursery rhymes, games and songs, as well as child-friendly illustrations. Language comprehension and vocabulary of a child to be actively promoted through fun vocabulary games.

The exercises are guided to the world of experience and interests of children. So the children, for example, in the grocery game that plays like every child, in addition to vocabulary learning a lot about social behavior. The exercises expand on this way”the world of a child, which is important for the later development, explains the author of uberlingen. The early intervention in infancy also ensures that children are later able, more foreign languages to learn easier and faster. To use, I recommend is the natural inclination in the so-called early learning window of the child therefore all parents as early language learning also promotes the entire intellectual development, so Fiona Stober. Welcome to Robby BBs world offers parents or educators in addition to a clear, simple guide and coloring the backgrounds of early childhood language education. With the children, only basic knowledge of the English language are required for practice on the part of the parents or educators. The complementary picture book Robby is on the farm through online booksellers or directly from the author, Fiona Stober, available. On their website, is the author in addition interested more tips and suggestions. The author, Fiona BSc (HonSs) DipM-Stober, experienced educator, was born in England in 1972 and lives in Germany since 1994. She raised her children bilingually and teaches that parents and educators in addition to her English coaching, successful as they include the English language in the daily lives of their children.

Web Marketing

The German city information Marketing AG informs how the German city information Marketing AG as a leading marketing agency to report white, entrepreneurial success in this highly competitive, business expertise, creative talent and innovation ability of workers in various media jobs goes back. Against this background, the Oberhausen company secures its future viability through a conscious commitment as a training company for technical and creative and consultative media professions. A consistently high quality of training aspiring, opts for the comprehensive integration of their students in challenging, economically relevant projects the German city information Marketing AG, because endless sorting trays may fill time gaps, is not appropriate, to develop comprehensive technical expertise. Training success does not automatically adjusts itself. On the contrary, he is the result of careful task design and a corporate culture in which trainees take expert trainers, the it supervise and guide. The occupational training program of German city information Marketing AG is characterized by competent personal care and a modern work environment that provides all necessary success resources trainees, this fact according to that. Not nice words ultimately decide the effectiveness of operational programmes, but real successes.

Here the trainees of the Germans cut off every year on the new significantly above-average marketing city information and in turn pass on the following training vintage after obtaining the permission of the instructor valuable experience. With the successful completion of the training period is the cornerstone of professional success. The German city information Marketing AG expands this Foundation by supporting professional training, as instructor notes or part-time courses, within the framework of internal promotion to real success careers. Training and promotion of enabling a completely internal the Oberhausen Executive. They combine the quest for professional challenges with the need for an active entrepreneurial shaping of the future in times of demographic change. For further information on his extensive involvement in the education and training of media professionals, the German city information Marketing AG is available anytime.

District Government

Flower of life – School of naturopathy: the restricted as “Heilpraktiker/in” to gain admission to the practice of medicine psychotherapy possibility since 1993 in Germany. Since 1993 can achieve restricted admission to the practice of medicine in Germany as “Heilpraktiker/in” for psychotherapy. Who wants to be psychotherapeutic work in Germany, needed an official approval for this. As a result of the training, health practitioners, doctors and psychological psychotherapists, are entitled. You can also put an examination limited to the psychotherapy to the naturopath (psychotherapy) at each District Government since 1993. Permission is entitled but not to the leadership of the professional title “Heilpraktiker/in”, but only to the practice of psychotherapy! After passing checking, it is recommended to use one of the following job titles: “Heilpraktiker/in limited for psychotherapy”, or “Heilpraktiker/in (Psychotherapy) “.” Especially people who want to work only on the spiritual level such as with respiratory therapy benefit from the ability to be able to operate at all professionally a therapist (psychotherapy).

Training in the practitioner school life flower Hanover prepares aspiring “practitioners (psychotherapy)” nine weekends testing, with 9 weekends only tests are simulated. The next training for the “Heilpraktiker/in” restricted begins for psychotherapy at the 30.8.2008 at 10:00 naturopath school life blooms in Hanover.