Month: September 2014

Educational TV

The FAEDI – Assistencial foundation, Cultural and Educational of the Ibiapaba is the mantenedora entity also of the FACIB – College of the Ibiapaba, TELEVIB – Educative Television of the Ibiapaba, RADIB – Educative Radio of the Ibiapaba, INIB – Institute of Education of the Ibiapaba and of AMIB – Assistance Mdica and Odontolgica of the Ibiapaba. The world-wide net of computers the INTERNET, has been the great vehicle that makes possible the work of interaction between the Kept Mantenedora Institution and Institutions. Had been more than 70,000 accesses registered in our vestibule of Internet, proving finally the great abrangncia of the actions of the FAEDI. It visits our site having access and has access more the information. FACIB – 9,473 DIPLOMEE PUPILS the FACIB – College of the Ibiapaba arrives the mark of 9.473 diplomee pupils in the Course of Graduation in Pedagogia with Qualification in Gesto and Docncia.

With the suspension of its activities in 2002 on account of the Process that moves in Federal Justice, the FAEDI appealed to the CNE – National Advice of Education, agency of the MEC – Ministry of the Education that emitted Parecer 313/2002 that it was reexamined by Parecer 202/2003 and finally homologated for the Minister of the Tarso Education Son-in-law, through Portaria 978, published in I GIVE – Official gazette to it of Union of day 13 of April of 2004? Section 1? Page 07. With this action all the pupils of the Course of Graduation in Pedagogia offered for the FACIB, had been submitted the Process of Ratification and Exploitation of Studies through the URCA – Regional University of the Cariri and the UCB – University Castello Branco and had received its respective diplomas. The FACIB until the moment alone will be able to take care of former-pupils in the terms of Parecer already cited and the admission of new pupils for the Course of Pedagogia, will continue suspended, until the conclusion of the Action at law.

The Books

So gentlemen, some scientists express themselves, as written essays, theses and term papers. Nobody them usually not fully read, and so looks to then send to the archive. Suggestions of such a text is very complicated, with lots of turns and pseudo-scientific terms. It may be easy, but contain a lot of understandable and well-structured information. A lot of these books have been written before 1970.

You read and feel pleasure. By the way, the books on speed reading, dating from 18th century too. Exercise is practically the same. And what should be considered information? The question is very interesting and controversial. Will not go.

You diligently begin to deal with. And here begins the first difficulties: Can not delete internal dialogue (pronunciation, articulation). If read silently, you do not understand, and know when to pronounce nonsense … some. The more you train, the less you get, lost hunting … It is helpful to think about what results you want? To aspire to? It is very difficult to find a black cat in a dark room, especially if it's not there … – Well, I know something, I want to learn to understand the text silently … – Stop! Wait a minute! And as you know that you understand the text (Pardon the pun). Here you thinking of, wrinkling his brow and confused. Clarified. You've read all his life with pronunciation, formed an inner conviction – a bunch of: said – presented – due to the fact that I know – so get it.

School Libraries

It is not matter background, but in a way. A school library may be the depositary of an incredible and numerous background of books and other materials of information, but if it is not able to find the form that these contents are appreciated, valued and properly used by the students of the Centre, the library will not raison d ‘ etre. Clubs in reading, contests, pageants and other projects or activities in the surroundings of the library can get that this will become one of the best educational resources of an educational center.The library of the College Jose Garcia Fernandez de Luarca (Asturias) gave away last Christmas to parents of students with special gift: a guide to readings recommended in order to enhance the gift of books on the feast of the Kings. For their part, students of another educational centre of Valladolid, everytime they end up reading a book from the school library, filled a comment through which recommended the reading of the same, and a brief tab with your printing encouraging this way to other readers. These, and other activities and innovative projects developed by school libraries of educational centers in our country, receive each year its recognition through awards that are granted in the national competition of good practices for the dynamism and innovation of school libraries that summons the Ministry of education.And it is that fundamental educational centres to strengthen the role that represents the school library in your teaching and learning dynamics, transformed from mere container of books for loan and reading into an effective educational tool as the classroom. The same organic law of education (LOE) recognizes the importance that must be given to these spaces, contemplating the priority attention which will be given to the use of school libraries as factors contributing to the quality of teaching within the fundamental purposes of education.

Environment and Education

The environment will change depending on the age of the children, but there are a few general lines: 1. maintain a basic order in things but also introduce changes in the environment. It is important that the child knows where to find materials (paints, leaves, etc.), toys, books, costumes, etc. but we must also incorporate new proposals and discard some. 2. Create environments where children can remain children.

For the little ones (and probably for all ages) leave they become dirty, they can put hands and feet in all sorts of situations, that can move, touch and experience without accountability to any objective scholar. Especially when they are small, should never missing a drawer of sand and water in order to experience. 3 Offer unstructured materials. Natural elements (seeds, leaves, sand, shells,) and everyday objects (caps, plates, empty bottles, eggcups and all kinds of recycled materials). Everything has to be well classified and sorted. I You sorprendereis what you can do with simple objects. 4 Enable game corners. Symbolic game (cooking, cleaning, dolls, shop, blocks construction, theater, costumes, carpentry, etc.).

As the children grow up other corners are generated: legos, dolls articulated type Playmobil, music, board games, workshop, I know, they will flood the House, but it is worth. 5 Try to take care that there is calm, without much excitation and auspicious times for individual activities. You have spaces of time without an uproar game, television or interruptions, favors the concentration. 6 Have cultural elements arranged on shelves for easy access to children. We will have games, musical instruments, elements for literacy (alphabet mobile, sandpaper letters), and mathematics (Association, Seriation, abacos, strips, geometric shapes, scales) and reference books. It is very useful to have a magazine rack with books and magazines that we are changing periodically. 7 Have a wide table tailored to children. It must be stocked with everything you need for the spontaneous creation: with sheets of paper, pencils of colors, paints, etc. 8. Book a relaxing area. It can be the sofa of the living room or bed or a corner with cushions but a place to tell a story or take a suenecito is important. 9 Have an outdoor area. If we have outer space we can have material for motor activity or game houses and even with garden area and animal farm. You can serve a terrace, patio or walks in the mountains and the beach. 10 Offer group activities organized by adults: outputs to different parties or visits from outside that enrich our lives. Interior spaces must be filled with life. Every experience of the child is a starting point for new learning. We can put a whole range of possibilities available to our children so that they can develop their full potential.

Ramon Gallegos

However, for Dr. Ramon Gallegos (2007), this intelligence is the most basic, is the intelligence who also have animals and used when they hunt their prey, is that some people use to pretend and deceive without being discovered, or to commit an offence, because it has the ability to stay calm in difficult situations, this type of intelligence is important but very limitedhelps to control emotions and maintain impulsiveness, but no balance or calm them, nor gives an ethical address for your application, it is an intelligence of a level of consciousness that is developing in the early stages of consciousness. Dr. Ramon Gallegos in the last Satsang mentioned that it is necessary to learn to look at without reacting, without judging emotionally, maintaining equanimity, and thus all is left out, no longer has power over one, experienced inner peace. Dr. Ramon Gallegos, in his book of spiritual intelligence (2007), mentions that the theory of multiple intelligences allowed to consider other aspects of the consciousness human and overcome logical-mathematical standardization, which does not go beyond school success, and consider other abilities of the human being, this is why important concept that has intelligence, because depending on the educational systems will be guided, and since education is the most determining factor to improve humanity, it is necessary to contemplate human within a holistic context capabilities, in which can reach the deepest part of its objectives, which is be happy. A context in which humans feels part of the whole, which recognize its true nature and experience inner harmony, certainty, clarity, wisdom, compassion and universal love, which transcends the cognitive and sensory, level a context which recognizes the spiritual dimension of the human being as what more remains, beyond the body and the mind, it is education holistic, whose main base is spirituality (Gallegos, 2005), being this the only us It will help to address and overcome the serious problems of today and develop our ability to be happy. .

English Teachers

A vigil was held Friday in Hunt County, in the small town of Caddo Mills, to remember a beloved teacher who was gunned down in front of her own children. In front of Caddo Mills High School where Stella Ray taught senior year English, A lot can be said about good teacher qualities and characteristics. Different qualities of a good teacher are mentioned in the paragraphs below. These would prove to be useful in becoming a teacher. The TBR is initiating change in the process of preparing new teachers for public school classrooms. Although as a private college, Maryville College is not governed by the TBR, our goal in the teacher education program is to equip our teacher licensure A lot can be said about good teacher qualities and characteristics. Different qualities of a good teacher are mentioned in the paragraphs below. These would prove to be useful in becoming a teacher. Hundreds of teachers at schools in this violence-prone district have abandoned free houses offered by the government in rural areas fearing violence threatened by Zanu (PF) during the next election, The Zimbabwean can reveal. The teachers now rent

Ibero-American Education

Education in Ibero-American countries showed progress in recent years, but is not enough to improve, but there be improved more quickly to avoid being left behind, said the Secretary general of the Organization of Ibero-American States for education (OEI), alvaro Marchesi. In an interview with Efe in La Paz, he stressed that the rate of illiteracy in Latin America fell from 10 to 9 percent in the past four years, but considered that it was an injustice that 28 million citizens still don’t know to read or write. We have come a long way in access, in the equipment of schools, even in the training of teachers, but there are very serious problems, enormous challenges. Inequality in the countries and between countries, is the (problem) more remarkable, he said. According to Marchesi, of Spanish nationality, other persistent problems are the lack of quality of education, insufficient support and recognition of the work of teachers and the still low incorporation to the Society of information and knowledge. There are challenges that we have to deal with each other, but we must not only get better, but we must improve more quickly because if not enlarged the gap with other more developed countries.

Although we can improve, others improve too, he added. Precisely, the plan targets educational 2021. The education we want for the generation of the bicentennial, adopted at the 20th Ibero last December, aims to address this pending agenda and deal with it from a social perspective. The Secretary of the OEI arrived in La Paz to begin working with the Bolivian educational authorities of the country projects framed in the plan. To say of Marchesi, the success of the project is that each country has developed its goals from their own reality, to articulate them in a collective agenda which will require an investment of $ 100 billion in the next 10 years.