Month: April 2014

German Students

Why go more and more young people, their parents and teachers? The messages also are piling up. Increasingly, one hears from students or other young people that dangerous goes from not always immediately known Beweggrundenb to parents or other persons involved in the education. Why is not always entirely clear. But again, you can hear the messages that children and young people on a normal people inexplicably obtain weapons and go to their guardians or teachers. But what’s behind it? Should it be not parents and teachers, which pave the way children and young people and show the way to a carefree life? Should they be part of the positive experiences of each young people? But they should. But exactly for the reason, because they come closest to the children approach and relies on the young people, is exactly why there are also those who can hurt the still so unstable to the extent young people.

Organ Star Cameron Carpenter

Cameron Carpenter: ‘Music is the soul of fitness’ to play it can be ecstatic and passionate Yes, even sexy! I’m tired of dusty, sacred music. Not the organ is the organist boring, but at most”, so Cameron Carpenter that made him the instrument to the new star of the classical music scene. Carpenter tried to compete by his music against the stereotype that organ was just for churchgoer, and invents the organ music in the bad boy “-style, as the media call it, new!” Carpenter plays the organ in a very wild style and makes the listener to discover unknown melodies. Music, the fitness for the soul”operates. For the first time, the revolutionary organist does stop Forum at this year’s Beethoven Festival on 14 September at 20: 00 in the Telecom. Carpenter is accompanied by the media artist Daniel Rossa, which supports the performance with Visual components. Another special feature of the concert is that it is planned by nine students from Bonn at the age of 15 to 17 years. We want the concert make an unforgettable evening!”describes Leon sizing the motivation of the student Manager project.

The opportunity every year some Bonner high school students, in five different areas of work to organize a concert in the main program of the Beethoven Festival Bonn. This project allows you to learn new skills, to gather insights and experiences, which can be useful in the course of future professional life. The motto of this year’s student Manager concert is cool”creative, which has the connection between student managers and Carpenter. The student managers as well as for their selected workspace at the Beethoven Festival try to show the passion of Carpenter to the organ. “According to Sula Haghiri, marketing student Manager, the young guard is” fresh “link between Carpenter and the student managers of the key to a successful collaboration. The student Manager 2013 aims to show that the organ is more than just an old, dusty Church instrument. On the contrary, Carpenter gives a new insight into the world of organ music, which he brings to bear in a modern style.

Carpenter achieved an additional audience, including children and young people through his conception of classical music. The project is funded by Deutsche Telekom as main sponsor, as well as the Deutsche Bank Foundation and the RheinEnergie Foundation culture. Tickets for the concert on September 14 are available at BONN TICKET and all known ticket agencies. Telephone orders under + 49-228-50201313 (Mon-Fri 8 20: 00, sa 9 am 6 pm, so 10-16 h). Online orders are available on and. The cards are available in different categories for each 22, 32, 39 euros. Pupils, students and trainees to 30 years receive 50% discount on these prices!

Ludwik Zamenhof

If we consider the part of speech each of them has its own ending: noun –o, an adjective –a, infinitive (infinitive) –i, derived adverbs –e. In Esperanto, there is no such category as race. And for the kind of notation used the pronoun he – li, it is – si, they – gi. Plural has the ending-as, in the present tense verb –as, in the future –os, in the past tense –si. Most of the words is the German and other Roman roots, and mix Latin and Greek.

From the Russian and Polish language Esperanto has become a rather not a lot of words. And if separately to talk about borrowing from English, then these words in the vocabulary of the international language is not enough a lot. This was due to the fact that at the time (in contrast to the situation which takes place today) is an English language was not widely distributed in the world. In French, Ludwik Zamenhof borrowed in their own language more number of words than in English and made them a regular sound changes. Also from French author suffered a verbal basis. The system of International vocabulary of the language is currently offline.

It is bad adopts a new framework. New concepts are created from elements of the lexicon, which already exist. This is possible because the language Esperanto has a fairly rich possibilities of word-formation with suffixes prefixes, and other elements of grammar. However, the language feature is that it contains a small number of affixes and roots, which are necessary for the possession of Esperanto. Pedagogical value of Esperanto is that his study has a positive effect on the subsequent development of other languages. Through international experiments proved that the person who spoke Esperanto to 35% easier to learn another foreign language. and this applies not only adults but also children. Thus, the value of language is to facilitate the learning of foreign languages. And for this very purpose language teaching practice in some secondary schools in Russia, Ukraine, Hungary and other countries. Simple, sparse and regular rules do Esperanto language is easy to learn and understand than most of the "living" languages. Nearly 16 million people worldwide speak the international language Esperanto. This language translated world classics and the Bible. Esperanto – a language that does not belong to any country, any nation, and it is unique. Therefore, to supplement it, increase vocabulary and change in some way to phonetics, in fact, no one. And in order that the language finally reached the level of world languages and has held at least the same position as the English language, you need to be more used to communicate. Today, however, this trend does not exist.

Would You Like To Be An Artist ?

Before you tell a little shablonov.Dlya required to realize the dream and be an actress, you must first finish high school theater and qualify for the actor to join the dramteatra.Vposledstvii base actor's agency. The actor's agency will need to compile a questionnaire and give three or four perfectly made pictures electronically and in print 10×15 sm.Zatem actor's agency will invite you to auditions for movies, commercials, casting klipy.Na you will need to demonstrate their best taken as storony.Kasting begins with your presentation and narration of the story must be sebe.Vash rehearsed more at home in front of the casting zerkalom.Posle within 14 days of elected candidates are invited to call and test with rezhisserom.Dalee you designate time and place and you have the opportunity to immortalize his mark in the annals of kinematografa.Odnim of the best acting agency in Moscow, in my opinion, is the acting and modeling agency "Alpha Casting". Detailed information can be found online Actor education. Neither the director did not take on the role of a man without acting obrazovaniya.Poetomu main condition when setting the base of actors, is the presence of a diploma of a school theater zavedeniya.Esli you do not have actor's education, there is no reason to send your resume without acting agentstvo.Lyudmi acting supervisors involved in the formation of extras and it is to him and you need to go, they get orders for non-professional akterov.Akterskoe agency receives orders only professional actors with a diploma. The most important thing to get rid of the illusion that you are someone will notice and you have to start a career actor. No actor's education rely on career in the movie is not worth it.

I want to emphasize that the course of acting, model school, the school is not Ostankino television actor training. Agency engaged in organizing casting, casting, models and photo models, extras, children, twins, leading, employees of television and film, sound speakers, international typecasting (African Americans, Asians and others) for film, advertising, videos, fashion shows, photo, video and television projects. The team of actor agency employs highly trained professionals: producers, casting directors, casting director, supervisors extras. The agency works, from directors, casting directors, casting director, producers, studios, photo, advertising agencies, producers' centers, Production, model and actor agency, and many others …

Education Strategical Nucleus

The world of in process today sped up demands adept and flexible people to the changes, therefore, for the sketched one in this article, the quarrel is pressing, with who and for who of right, referring to the use of the cellular one as pedagogical tool. Qui this can soon happen in the academic environment time space, so that the same not it is in the contrahand of the process of implantation of the new technologies, that can contribute for the improvement in the quality of superior education. . .

Health Department

Hypnosis – and practitioner training in Cologne Institute restructures website training in hypnosis and energetic healing, as well as the training to become a psychological consultant or the preparatory course to the naturopath psychotherapy were always a major focus at Gabriele of D’Souza. The whole of education, also on the Web is of greater importance now. On the new page of hypnosis training, there is now more concentrated and easier to read as previously all information and current events on the subject of training at Gabriele Danners. All, a sound, professional training or continuing education in the field of hypnosis and many other associated mental techniques look and maybe a compact training in the energetic healing, are found on the new website. The TV and media known from Gabriele D’Souza is engaged in its practice in Cologne not only as a Naturopath, certified Hypnotiseurin, Hypnoanalytikerin and coach psychotherapy, but offers effective and unique training concepts with many years of experience.

Learn hypnosis from A Z learn hypnosis and hypnosis experience in a casual and relaxed atmosphere. The concept of hypnosis training is designed to communicated in very specific to certain problem areas of hypnosis techniques. Participants learn how building successful hypnosis sessions for coaching and therapy (therapy, if the therapist, physician or naturopath). At the same time, there is plenty of room for an intense experience of the self. Therapist psychotherapy preparation course this course is a preparation to be checking at the Health Department under the health practitioners act by the 17.2.1939 (may I S.

251). The target is also known as small practitioner so, obtaining the permission to the practice of medicine without appointment exclusively in the field of psychotherapy “). The course can be used by people without any previous knowledge of coaches, NLP practitioners, hypnotists, life or health consultants. Very profitably, he is in a different educational, psychosocial, also for persons, medical, therapeutic or psychological professional work.

Education School

Relief Fund Burkina Faso e.V. builds since schools support 8 years in Burkina for eight years we the relief fund Burkina Faso e.V. actively with, who has built several schools in Burkina Faso. After only 3 years was the first school of villy “Nothing” are formed. This school consists of 6 classrooms, 6 teachers apartments and a fountain. 8 teachers and 450 students are excited and go up to 8 km walk to school, keep them also in shot. Total 6 schools and 1 nursery school in various places were built in the last 8 years Larama like in Yalegtenga, about 50 km of Bobo, Yako and Mahesh. These schools are financed mainly by annually selling mangos from Burkina.

Slowly but surely growing as an infrastructure supported by local forces – your donation not fizzled, but helps really and that’s where where it is needed. For example, when the construction of the schools. We are also pleased about one-time donations. Because there is little transport in Burkina and the children only to the foot can go, it is necessary, as much as possible Schools in different locations to build (ideally would be every 10 km). If you want to know more, you contact us, we give love to further information or visit our new website with the same commitment as we work for years in the relief fund Burkina Faso e.V., we organize also your class trip. Gladly we advise you personally. You can reach us under the telephone number: 07433 / 999350. As a tour operator for trips we have joined this project.