Month: January 2014

Real Madrid

Real Madrid is possibly the most world renowned football club. On 11 December 2000, at its annual gala, FIFA granted the title of team of the 20th century to Real Madrid. The FIFA magazine readers voted this club founded in 1902 on a massive scale, leaving far behind others historical such as Manchester United and Bayern Munich. The Madrid is not the oldest football in the world club, or even Spain (that honor belongs to Recreativo de Huelva) and has no Stadium with greater capacity, or the largest number of partners. But, by any part of the world, the mere mention of those two words, Real Madrid, is enough: there is no person who knows anything of football who are not familiar with that name. Some resemble Di Stefano and to Puskas, who played in Madrid Almighty from the 1950s, or to BUTRAGUEnO, Michel, Hugo Sanchez and the rest of the fifth in the 80s or even to some of today’s stars such as Raul, Ronaldo, Figo, Zidane and Roberto Carlos. All of them have defended the coat of arms of the club which has caused greater impression in the world of football.

But they are not only players, both past and present, that make the great institution that is Real Madrid. Triumphs in Spain and Europe, make the club trophy room the most prestigious in the world. Real Madrid has won more European cups, the European club competition for excellence, than any other team. And in the League, he has no equal. Much of all these triumphs are due to the vision of one man. In 1943, Don Santiago Bernabeu became the tenth President of Real Madrid, which did not leave until 1975.

In that period, the club won 6 cups of Europe, 1 Intercontinental Cup, 16 league titles and 6 cups of Spain. Bernabeu wanted Real Madrid to become the best team in the world, and for that brought the best players and coaches of the time. A great club deserves a great stadium and which bears the name of Santiago Bernabeu Stadium celebrated the 50th anniversary of its opening on 14 December 1997. original author and source of the article

Get Rid Of Stretch Marks

If you’re one of the many people who have red or purple lines on the body, called stretch marks. Although there are many reasons of the because appear of stretch marks, most of us just want to know one thing: How can we dispose of them? Remove stretch marks seem to be a major obstacle, but luckily, there are a number of options available. One option is to use a cream containing retinoids, which increase the production of collagen and increase the elasticity of the skin. This is the best option in the early stages of streaks, when you just barely notice them or began to appear. The fruit acids are also a very popular option.

These eliminate the layer surface of skin, allowing that new and young skin can come to the surface, improving the color and texture. One option with similar results is microdermabrasion, where a damaged surface is removed from the upper layer of the skin to give birth to more young and fresh skin. Laser surgery is also a good treatment option, but it can be quite expensive, and tends to be available in only certain patients who have the disease of stretch marks more advanced. The only laser treatment fades marks and often does not eliminate them completely. There are also cheaper options and less invasive. The tanned without the Sun stretched skin, as does the makeup. Daily hydration helps prevent stretch marks that may appear in the future. The most important to keep in mind is that regardless of the budget, get rid of these unpleasant stains is possible. Original author and source of the article.


For lovers of pets, especially cats, there is a subject that often has vital importance: the theme of cats playing. This topic places to think and investigate many people because the issue of reproduction of cats is one of those who most leave the control of the owners and lovers of cats. The reasons why cats reproduction is a theme that gives so much to talk about, is that both the option to stop the reproduction of cats as the permit it generates consequences for these beloved pets, many of which we would not like having to generate. First of all there is to clarify that on the issue of reproduction of cats there are several distinguishable phases: these are the estrus phase, the mating phase, the phase of pregnancy and conception phase. Each of these phases has important issues a cats owner should know.

Knowing these data about the reproduction of cats you can be very helpful to these property owners that need to take some decisions in this regard before the consequences adverse begin to manifest. In the phase of the zeal of the reproduction of cats cats tend to significantly modify their behaviors. This applies both to the zeal of cats playing phase as of the cats, both males and females. By the side of the males, in the stage of the zeal they tend to have behaviors that tend to be incompatible with the domestic life of the city: tend to become more aggressive and more huranos with their owners, they tend to urinate a lot and with a very strong odor to mark territory, tend to lose their homes for long periods of timethey tend to Meow very strong at night, among other behaviors. That is why many people think of stopping this phase of the zeal of the male cats.

They want to stop this important moment of the reproduction of cats to have no problems with your domestic life. So, opt for solutions such as of neutering cats so that they lose their virility and already unwilling to mate. The negative consequence of stopping this phase of reproduction of cats is that the cat It will now be more still and will need regular your diet so that you do not put obese. At the stage of estrus females also become more aggressive, tend to Meow strong and to be visited by many cats. This is also a nuisance for many owners who have problems with these natural behaviors of cats playing. To avoid this they opt to undergo the kitten to a surgery that involves removing the matrix and the ovaries. Thus slub not manifest these behaviors or is not pregnant of course. The negative consequence of this surgery to stop playback of the cats is downtime once more. This can be counteracted with a good diet also. There are other data about the reproduction of cats that would be good to know. On the web you can find more details on the estrus phase and other phases of the reproduction of cats that can be useful in your search for new information on this important topic for those with cats. Original author and source of the article

Ramon Gallegos

Personally, I have had the opportunity to perform a series of readings and studies during recent months, which have allowed me to realise I of the subjective reality of my surroundings and of course globally, transiting towards a meme green, consolidating my values and appreciating the beautiful thing is the nature and above all, what gives us our life. Perseverance is the spiritual energy to continue on the journey toward self, because it is not a journey that is outside of us, is a journey into one’s self. Ramon Gallegos without a doubt, that this series of lectures on topics of holistic education have initiated a process of self-knowledge, inside me developing the principal of learning, learning to be allowing arising out my values or my virtues, hidden by ignorance, indifference and lack of compassion for my fellow. Learn how to be will allow me to know my true nature, reach my emotional well-being, release ties and achieving the full realization of the spiritual, therefore, be happy. Wisdom, love and compassion, are the three core components of any spiritual practice, it is what we call the triple way of being, lead us to our spiritual home, which is in our own heart. Educational practice should be an expression of the triple trail. Ramon Gallegos the integral vision of education leads us to the learning of the being through educational integrity, where integrity is the achievement of the unity through diversity; the real educational improvement depends on the level of integration of education and not the quality of education. Holistic education uses two concepts of integrity, the first as conception of the entirety of the Kosmos that allows the formation of totalities/parts that allow evolution; and on the other hand, as a concept computer of educational subjectivity, in the world of sense and meaning, culture and mentalities; It refers to the world of life, values, ideals and motivations.


? Breakup? Do you miss your wife or your girlfriend and want to recover it? Your life change vehemently, but cannot accept new situation? These recommendations to recover your former partner help you to achieve the happiness of being with her again! You were not prepared for this. You feel abandoned, rejected, no you are not blaming you, thinking that you had to work harder to save the relationship now these so bad that you don’t have or desire to move forward. You know you have to start rearranging your life, future, your plans, because everything that you have already planned does nothing, but you can’t find forces to accept the change. Everything reminds you to it and you can not more overcome this intense pain. You feel that your partner is escaping you.

You can’t just be, you want to recover to your girlfriend or your wife and with her this feel beloved and accompanied by security? But you’ve lost hope that he will return one day? Following these recommendations, you can make it look very difficult, but you have to push yourself: not the are looking for do not call you don’t talk you and don’t try to convince her that again no samples that these desperate without it not stay at home, that your ex sees you depressed and pitiful not samples that these jealous, yes it is very difficult to see your girl with another, but endures. Show you safe and happy: begins to recover things abandoned salt more with your friends you start doing something new beam to see that these well without it also and that the forgetting. Your partner, who expected to see you discouraged and sad, going to doubt whether really has taken the right decision to let yourself. At the same time that you practice these recommendations to recover your former partner, will increase your doubt. If you do things well, you make your ex girlfriend or wife at the end realizes what you lost and you’re the only man for her.

This really works. You regain your love and trust and you are going to want to always be with you. Even if your situation seems hopeless cheer.It is your solution!Use recommendations to recover to your former partner and her recover as quickly as possible. It starts to recover it already! Original author and source of the article.

High Frequency Screen

In the magnetic separating process, except for the main magnetic separating equipments, such as Jaw Crusher, Ball Mill, Magnetic Separator, etc, the auxiliary equipments, such as vibrating screen, vibrating feeder, mixer, High Frequency Screen, etc, have an essential position. Now, Hongxing Experts will give you some basic information about the auxiliary equipments in the magnetic separating process.The first is the vibrating screen, which plays an important role in the magnetic separating process. Hongxing YK series vibrating screen moves on to circular motion, which is a multi-layer and high efficient vibrating screen with the obvious such as stable structure, strong exciting force superiorities, high efficiency, low noise pollution, easy to maintain, durability and so on. This Series vibrating screen is widely used in the magnetic separating process at home and abroad.The second is the vibrating feeder, which has the same position to the vibrating screen. Hongxing vibrating feeder is a vibrating feeder liner. With the smooth vibration, reliable operation and long service life, Hongxing vibrating feeder is widely applied in combined operation of crushing and screening in the industries like metallurgy, mine, ore dressing, building materials, chemical, and other industries. In addition, Hongxing vibrating feeder can realize the continuous and even material feeding for crushers in sandstone production line, separating line and make rough screening for magnetic materials.The third is the mixer. The mixer is driven by the v-belt driving the impeller speed, making the medicine and mash mix even enough, which increases the medicine effect time, endorses the medicine effect quantity.

It is necessary machinery in the magnetic separating process. It is fit for the concentrating, and chemical industry mixing.The last one is the High Frequency Screen. The High Frequency Screen is mainly composed of the exciter, mash distributor, screen frame, bracket, hanging spring, screening mat and so on. Because of the high frequency, it destroys the tension of the mash and the high speed of the vibrating surface fine material on the screen surface. It increases the probability of the smaller separate coexistence contacts with the mesh and better condition to make coexistence of the maker smaller separate coexistence.If you want to get more information about above four equipments, please contact Hongxing Company. Flotation cell: crusher:

How To Play With Your Child

Educating a child is not a profession nor is it something that may refrain from a program specific action, is a subtle and almost indefinable relationship that can be carried out through the game or transformed into something unpleasant from which it cannot escape, educators parents sometimes forget that they don’t have to face the same problem as the master school is not home, the role of the father in the home is not the same as that of the teacher in the classroom, is the duty of the teacher give an impartial attention to children who are under their responsibility by a criterion of number of hours, the child is the subject of the profession of the teacher, but the father has other obligations and need to have other interests at the same time that educates their children to master the principle of the motivations of the child are a very important element for his professional work, provide an average expected level of behavior, capacity and performance in different ages and knowledge of these norms and deviations from them allow the master judge that it is what you can do for those children who are under his responsibility. On the other hand is less important for the parent to do things for your child that make them with the, it is less important that the father is interested in the complexities of the psychological motivations of the child, the important thing is to follow the child’s own guidance to meet your needs. When little play hidden hide eyes behind their hands, sometimes believes that the child is to hide from his father, this interpretation of their intention to this out of place, importance is the fact that ud know why does it.It is enough to know that wants to play hide and seek, gives joy and needs it, continuous ud with the game and have fun with the playing, you will decrease the displeasure at the time in which you have to leave alone, the motivation of the child is the game has relative little importance, yours is of paramount importance, their motivation when playing with the is his love for the child. When the child needs to do exercise is despezara, it will run and you jump, when you need to develop the manual activity, you build It will build will make tools, when you need information asked you, when you need love approached you. Parents must not anticipate the needs of their children, but should be just that they guided it to measure that they arise in his life he, you notice them if it puts at your disposal. The best way to do this is through the game. Fuente:blog uviconsejos original author and source of the article.

Cannes Film Festival

Must be attributed to his brother to him in the dungeon and sacrifice him, irrigation gates in the blood of another world, a place where her … The film participated in the main competition at the Cannes Film Festival 2006 year in which the May 27 world premiere of the tape. Winner of three awards "Oscar" (Best Cinematography, Best Art Direction-producer, best makeup). Special thanks mention camera work. Besides Among other things, very pleased, shooting steam locomotive, which the guerrillas derailed: his shot slowly and at an angle, so much so that movement of the camera initially thought it was kind of a coal mine, and it crawl-employed workers. Then angle the camera motion changed smoothly and you already know that this engine at the top.

In short, the fact that it's just the engine, lowered into a ditch, I realized at once. This is just one of those moments when the illusion and reality intertwined, follow one another, when we show that another world is always with us. See it, however, is not given to everyone. In general, the film very much, pleased and plot, and pure design finds, and camera work, and light, and how to show the world the little man who is forced to survive in the harsh world of adults. I am glad more and 'global responsiveness' director – like, lives in Mexico, and go and do you – what is the interest in the events on another continent.

It does not sound like, rather than the quality of it, and how it sounded all the dialogue, tone and intonation of the characters. Especially where Ophelia in the basement talking to the faun – all the efforts of the creators the film is lost by our masters of translation. All of these aspiration Faun, altered voice and the echo of his words have not been transferred once. About the translation itself to judge until you undertake. The film, by the way, something that recalled the good old toy Siberia – edakii quest, puzzles, quests, similar style, color and atmospheric. However, there is not this whole magic and mysticism, but the general background of the individual points is similar. The home collection – have necessarily a good movie.


Today when the war andrades everywhere and cause destruction and death, jump to the fore those who say that only with the war can achieve peace, so that peace becomes a too short Truce to ensure the tranquility of the masses. The exploitation of man by man and man by the State are the predominant systems; therefore also slavery predominates, today when scientists put science in hand of the wicked, the science is and apparently will remain, the largest physical instrument already advanced process of self-destruction. Stop having violence when the individual understands that selfishness, hatred, revenge, the domination of one’s neighbor. They are the initial cause that our society this corrupt, that life will be violent. Only when man love the neighbor first, only when man is generous and honest with others and with himself, only then the discrimination is finished and there will be no protesters and there will be no violence. Only when the individual search for inner peace longed social peace will be found. Remember, if you want peace, it begins to look inside yourself. THE women there is a woman who with her appreciation makes us feel happy and with his words reassuring that is a sister.

There is one woman who with his gesture us auxilia and with their acts shocked that is a friend. There is a woman that makes us men, with their care and with their councils makes us know what they mean, that is a mother. Alejandro Rutto Martinez is a renowned journalist and Colombian writer, linked as a teacher at several Colombian universities. He is author of four books and co-author of three others in which addresses the theme of leadership, ethics, and human development. It is often invitadocomo lecturer at congresses, forums and other academic events.

The Mindset Of A Millionaire

For years many people have studied wealth and what are its origins, various studies have investigated thoroughly about the main differences between people with a great financial success and average people, the results are surprising. For example it has been proven that intelligence does not play a major role for the accumulation of fortunes, most fairly prosperous people have an average IQ, nor is a matter of academic preparation, many do not even have university degrees, then what is the big difference? It is the way in which observed the world, everything is governed by its belief and the belief of a life full of opportunities. A common feature in the winners people is his eagerness and determination to fight with his whole being to seek to realize their wishes, on the other hand people who have not achieved many triumphs in general have fallen on the acceptance of certain circumstances, this is disastrous for our personal development, to achieve great goals is essential a constant challenge, seeking continuous improvement, then there is to look for the place that allows us to develop our full potential. The mind needs training and need to know the techniques that lead us to the faith, thus ideas always work, I’m happy, I’m Rico of Andrew Corentt, book you will find fantastic principles on how our mind should be organized to direct it towards wealth, apply you these tools to achieve any goal, by reading this book you will be able to meet power without limits of the spiritual forces and that they have been granted him, will be freed from many internal conflicts that have probably remained in the dark. The workings of the mind is extraordinary, acts with a fabulous power at all times, however the programming of ideas takes some time, while this transition occurs it is necessary to stand firm in order to change, to change one illusion on the other, between more negative beliefs have then our idea of change will take a greater time to settle, but it can also speed up steps following the appropriate guidelines, more approach is taken and appropriate use of the senses, then is possible to bend the time, i.e., access to our being able to rapidly. The use of the conscious mind is which generates the mental programming, that is why it is necessary that you stimulate your senses with ideas, sounds, images and messages that gradually made him change of mindset, subliminal wealth videos, you can stimulate your mind with the ideas of prosperity, repetition is the key to inner acceptance of a projectto internalize this information you need to bombard our subconscious mind in different ways, to the passage of time, changes must be submitted. Persons who have achieved enormous prosperity levels must consciously or unconsciously have been able to focus all their attention on an idea, enjoy what they do and flowing as if they were in a game, that way things they operate with little effort, that Yes, this happens when the idea of change is part integral of our being, continuous actions are necessary to arrive at the conviction and break the paradigms that prevent us from achieving the life you want.