Month: June 2013

Seek Employment

I will not be which say that Facebook is a good tool to look for work, but must give information of all studies related to this and see what they say. Even so, I must admit that it gives me just what they say, because for me, and I repeat that it is a personal opinion, through Facebook I see impossible to find employment, good, not impossible, very difficult. Today we see a study by Cachinko, firm focused on giving job seekers the tools they need to find your dream job. In this report he has placed a series of tips to find employment through Facebook. They are at least honest since they start claiming today the recruitment process carried out through Facebook are less than 1% of the total, although they say it is growing. Far too optimistic in my opinion see, since believe that 2012 will be a great competitor are this socal’s traditional methods of recruitment network, seems to me a toast to the Sun.

Advice given for candidates who wish to seek employment through Facebook: 1st Keep clean profile and carefully address the issues of privacy. 2Nd advise getting because in 2010 they empelaron social networking companies to search for candidates by 83% and in 2011 by 89%, which is something on the rise. Which they have reason, but I doubt very much that the solution is to get into Facebook. 3 Recommended that complete your education and your professional experience on the Facebook profile, but that coincides with what then bring on the network every day. I doubt very much that the photos of summer vacation from a Facebook wall to carry something to the search for employment, but beyond them.

4 That 50% of companies use reports from Facebook to find talent. Are you joke? If tells me that it is to eliminate candidates okay, but to find talent as it is joke. 5 To 65% of the companies have success using social networks for recruitment. Have no doubt, but not Facebook!. 6Th Americans is clear: 14.4 million people sought his latest work through social networks. With which recommend actuaizar your profile. 7 Join groups related to your esxperiencia and training: logically, but in any network, not just on Facebook. 8 To 63% of the companies created their own groups to search for talent within the social networks. In where? 9Th best professional page that staff. Go surprise! Why facebook is not worth. 10 Avoid discussions in the profiles because it scares to recruiters. Logically. 11 30 articles a month billion and 700 billion minutes per month (trillion in American figures) people spend on Facebook. I say it will be difficult for me to find to give me a job in

Prefer Electronic Translator

Sometimes, when an urgent need to translate a document or letter, we sit down for a dictionary and trying to do something themselves to translate. No, those people who have an excellent knowledge of English in this article are not talking. This article is about the people conventional are still at school in English only remember a couple of sentences – no more. But the dictionary is not the best assistant in the translations, today there are far easier ways to find out what there is behind the Latin alphabet. The most common options – to buy an electronic translator (or use the program interpreter, posted on any site on the Internet) or contact a translation agency.

You can go the first way and buy a fancy Pocket translator. The idea is not bad, but you have to say that modern pocket translators – not a cheap pleasure. For example, the model Ectaco ER800 will cost you 624 dollars. But the cost – not a major problem. The catch is that, that these translators have only an electronic intelligence, which is perfect in comparison with the mind of man. Machine can not accurately translate the text, all translations are only approximate, and sometimes with funny errors, because the machine can not always understand the context in which meaning is used one or another word. Thus here with the help of interpreters, and there are misunderstandings. In translation it is possible.

It employs people who know the language perfectly. A person is unlikely to confuse the right meaning of the translated word, because he reads the text from beginning to end and understand what it involved and what the general theme of the article. Naturally, the translation certainly better than any electronic devices. Some people still prefer to machine translation, as the worry that the translation work will be done for a long time. That's not true, employees need not delay the translation work on the back burner, now everything is done quickly, especially short texts such as letters or documents. And even if electronic translators Russian-English can still be found, here's some other languages is more complicated. Addressing in translation, you can safely bring the text to be translated at least into the Chinese language, because the translation work a lot of people specializing in different languages, not only in English. Here you will translate all correctly and in a short time.